Two phones with Chess - Clash of kings application

Chess app for Android & iOS:

Online Chess - no register

Just 3 clicks to start playing chess online.

All you have to do to start playing is to choose your avatar, the country flag and enter your username.

Chessboard with a set of pieces A man playing chess online on the phone A woman playing chess with a friend online

From beginner to Chess Master

Compete with our original chess engine

Adjust the computer’s strength to your level of experience by choosing from 10 levels of difficulty and practice against an equal opponent.

A set of chess pieces

Travel through the wonderful world of Chess puzzles

Play quick games solving Chess Puzzles

Collect Gold to unlock new lands. The more Gold you get, the more chess online games you can play.

Trophy received for solving a set of chess puzzles
Chess challenges on the phone

Play Chess on your phone

Online chess with a random player

Choose Chess Online

Face chess players from all over the world by playing "Quick random player" game mode.

Chess application with challenges, computer game and online multiplayer mode

Play Chess on your phone

In our Chess app you will find everything you need! You can play online with a friend, offline against the computer, or choose to solve chess puzzles in our mini-adventure game.

Chess puzzles on the adventure map

Travel through a wonderful world of Chess puzzles

Chess puzzles are quick tasks of giving your opponent a checkmate in a limited number of moves.

Rooms for playing online chess

From beginner to Chess Master

Compete with our original chess engine. Adjust the computer’s strength to your level of experience by choosing from 10 levels of difficulty and practice against an equal opponent.

Mini chess game, where you collect gold by moving the Jumper

Play mini-game and collect gold

Under each field on the board, you will find a chess puzzle that you need to solve to collect the Gold and continue the game.

A chess puzzle, in which you have to checkmate in a few moves

Checkmate in 1, 2 or 3 moves

Chess puzzles are quick tasks of giving your opponent a checkmate in a limited number of moves.

10 chess engine levels

10 levels of difficulty

Are you a chess master or just a beginner? Regardless of that, you will find the level suitable for your chess skills. Choose from 10 different difficulty levels, train tactics, and win!

Play online chess with your friends and family

Invite friends to online chess duel

To invite a friend to play chess online, simply send him a link with an invitation. All you need is to take the first move and wait until your friend accepts the invitation. Are you ready? So, don’t wait and start a real game!

Find out more Frequently Asked

  1. Is there a version for Android?

    Yes! Our game is available on Google Play.

  2. Is there a version for iOS?

    Yes! Our game is available on App Store.

  3. How to play online chess in multiplayer mode?

    You do not need to register to join online chess.
    All you need to do is to select the avatar, the country flag and enter your user name.
    Then choose the quick random player and the room you want to play in.
    Compete against other players in multiplayer mode and collect gold.

  4. How to invite a friend to play Chess online?

    To invite a friend to play, tap on the main menu "Online game". If you have not used this feature before, enter your user name first.
    The game is just to begin but the first turn is yours. Then you will see a screen with a link to invite your friend. Send it to the person you want to compete with in an online chess duel.
    Now you only need to wait for your friend to accept the invitation.

  5. How to make a castling move?

    For many players, castling can be a problematic move. It is important to know the four rules to make it clear.
    The conditions that must be met to make castling are as follows:

    • The king and the rook participating in the castling did not make any move since the beginning of the game;
    • There must be no other piece between the rook and the king;
    • The entire path that the king goes along the castling cannot be attacked by the opponent - the square where the king is on, those that it passes and the square that he ends up moving to.
    If the above conditions are met it is possible to make the castling. The castling consists of moving the king two squares towards the chosen rook and at the same time moving the rook over the king.